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For improved performance, AeroShell’s super-clean mineral oil hydraulic fluids are a reliable choice and consist of: AeroShell Fluid 4, 41, 71, 31, 51, 61, Shock Strut Fluid (SSF) and Landing Gear Fluid (LGF). The main requirements for these fluids are a high viscosity index, with additives for low-temperature fluidity, anti-wear, oxidation and corrosion inhibition, shear stability, metal de-activation and foam inhibition. In addition to these specifications, aircraft owners or a member of the Multiforce team should determine which hydraulic fluids should be used for every intended application.

Other AeroShell Fluids available for distribution include:

Lubricating Oils

Gearbox Oils

Calibrating Fluids

De-Icing Fluids

Avionic Cooling Fluids

Fluids For Cleaning, Preserving and Lubricating

For more information regarding the special applications and use of these fluids, please contact a Multiforce representative.

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