What We Do

Multiforce Group is a privately owned and independent company - the authorized distributor of AeroShell in Egypt, as appointed by Shell Aviation. Multiforce Group is comprised of Multiforce For Petroleum Services and Multiforce Trading Free Zones. Multiforce serves a diversified cross-section of worldwide aviation, marine and military manufacturers and associates, enabling the growth and sustainability of these sectors in Egypt. As local experts in lubricants specific to those fields, Multiforce contributes excellence to the aviation, marine and military industries in Egypt, ensuring the optimum maintenance and performance of all operations.

Active in Egypt since 1994, Multiforce has had a long standing relationship with Shell under EPPMCO - Egyptian Petroleum Products Marketing Company - the largest distributor of Shell Oil in Egypt. The strategic decision was made in 2010 to partner with Shell Aviation - one of the Shell International Petroleum Co. Ltd Affiliates - granting Shell access to Egypt's leading airports, industrial aircrafts, key airlines, marine and military sectors, among other industrial operators. Through this established presence, Multiforce has expanded Shell’s Aviation offerings in Egypt, providing their products at competitive price points and helping improve performance and efficiency. 

Multiforce has a standard warehouse in the Al Amerya, Alexandria free zone, as a part of Multiforce Trading Free Zones. In addition to stocking petroleum goods, this facility introduces a great variety of imported aviation, marine and military supplies and solutions to the Egyptian market.  Conveniently located near Egypt's major ports of entry, Multiforce ensures that all inquiries and deliveries are executed in a timely and orderly manner. Multiforce also plans to build a dynamic store for customers to quickly, easily and safely purchase industrial lubricants and aviation, marine and military equipment and supplies - the first of its kind in Egypt.

Today, Multiforce continues to market the Shell Lubricants portfolio to clients in various segments for business and commercial use including:

General Aviation, Petroleum, Electricity, Cement and Mining, Petrochemicals, Steel, and Textile industries

Multiforce established Calibration Lab to offer the industry with a calibration service being traceable to national & international standards complying with the guidelines of ISO 17025. our lab is accredited calibration & testing Lab by The Egyptian Accreditation Council (EGAC), complying with ISO 17025:2017 requirements.

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