Calibration & Testing Lab

Calibration & Testing Lab

Pressure gauge Calibration section:-

  • Calibration of all pressure gauges.
  • Calibration for all pressure transducers with capabilities of reading output mA and VDC.
  • Calibration of Chart recorders.
  • Calibration of pressure switches.
  • Calibration of Differential Pressure Gauge.
  • Calibration of weight indicator

Hydrostatic pressure testing section:-

  • Testing and calibration for all safety relieve valves.
  • Hydro-static pressure test for blowout preventer (BOP).
  • Hydro-static pressure test for gates.
  • Hydro-static pressure test for pipes with all dimensions.
  • Hydro-static pressure test for Tanks with all dimensions.
  • Hydro-static pressure test for hoses with all Diameter.
  • Hydro-static pressure test for Chock Manifold.
  • Hydro-static pressure test for Crossovers.
  • Hydro-static pressure test for manifold Body.

Metrology Calibration section:-

  • Calibration of Micrometers.
  • Calibration of Calipers.
  • Calibration of Dial gauges.
  • Calibration of rulers.
  • Length measurements.
  • Calibration of Depth Gauge.

Electrical Calibration section:-

  • Calibration of Multimeter.
  • Calibration of (Ammeter – Voltmeter – ohmmeter).
  • Calibration of wattmeter.
  • Calibration of Battery Charger.
  • Calibration of Standard reference resistance.
  • Calibration of RLC.
  • Calibration of Insulation tester (Megger).
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