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A message from our Chairman...

The initial vision of Multiforce was definitive to provide the new and the better oil products and services to meet the unique needs of our diverse, loyal and determined clients in the most professional and respectful way. As a result, collaborating with Shell was the smart and most strategic decision as a powerful and sustainable future is what is deeply inspired in both Multiforce and Shell’s culture.

From the launch of Multiforce, this vision has been achieved with the effort of our dedication to quality assurance and commitment to trust. As a dynamic leader in petroleum services, Multiforce believes that it is our obligation to continuously contribute to the societies in which we operate within. We target increasing and fueling Egypt’s growth; even thought there are times where we have faced challenges within the industry due to the country’s status, Multiforce’s team continues to grow and persevere and provide beyond the levels of expertise and excellence you have expected to ensure a unified communication across the entire company. We have become more focused and skilled than ever before in adapting to our clients’ need and keeping in mind that they are our most important shareholder.

Our number one goal at Multiforce is making a difference. Our fully integrated system is composed of people driven by high value and people whose constant devotion plays the ultimate role of realizing our mission. Developing and executing successful strategies, our team thoroughly enjoys working with new technologies, making sure we provide our clients with high quality services at competitive rates. Multiforce offers the highest standards of innovation by strengthening our position in the market at home and abroad, and continuing to explore new methods and means of production.

Multiforce’s continued success would not be possible without our clients. Your feedback, support and alliance are vital to our efforts. I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your continued support. We are excited about our continued growth and opportunity to share Shell in Egypt. We hope that through our relentless drive towards advancement that we meet your expectations always, making certain that integrity is central to how we conduct and present our business.

Ahmed Mohy El Din Salama El Kholy

CEO & Chairman

About Our Chairman   

Prior to establishing Multiforce Group in 2010 under EPPMCO - Egyptian Petroleum Products Marketing Company, the largest distributor of Shell Oil in Egypt - Mr. El Kholy built a distinguished career spanning over 20 years. Mr. El Kholy continues to serve as chairman and major holder of several companies in various industries including agriculture, pharmaceuticals and tourism. At Multiforce, Mr. El Kholy has created a unique brand and image, contributing his wide range of knowledge and experience towards empowering Multiforce as a leader in petroleum services. 

About Our Team 

Over the past few years, Multiforce has fostered a dynamic and diligent team. Made up of accomplished individuals actively engaged in the petroleum services industry, our team has experience, creativity and leadership in other fields including chemical engineering, tourism and business administration. Contributing diversity to the workplace, we encourage an open and collaborative environment at Multiforce where ideas are cultivated, learning is constant and innovation is certain. We work together to make our services the best and most accessible - internally and externally.

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